Decision of the PBFR's Board

The PBFR's Board confirms an earlier decision to suspend the licenses of the all PBFR license holders that have organized and participated in bouts which are not sanctioned by the PBFR. Their licenses are suspended.

Data Place Winner Weight Victory Duel Loser Weight
Event: 08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Promoter: "Victory Team boxing Promotion" LTD
08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Aleksandr KUIMCHIDI (RUS) 61,25kg KO 1 (0:45) 4R Ashot ASATURYAN (RUS) 61,75kg
08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Dmitry KHASIEV (RUS) 61,55kg UD 8 Norman ALLER (RUS) 61,05kg
Referee:   S.LITUNOV, Judges: A.DOROVSKOY 80-72, V.GORCHAKOV 80-72, A.POGORELSKY 80-72.
08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Vazir TAMOYAN (RUS) 67,85kg UD 4 Aleksandr SAYTMUKHAMETOV (RUS) 66,15kg
Referee:   S.LITUNOV, Judges: A.DOROVSKOY 40-36, V.GORCHAKOV 40-36, V.DOBRYNIN 40-36.
08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Andrey KNYAZEV (RUS) 92,9kg RTD 5 (3:00) 6R Igor PILIPENKO (UKR) 93,75kg
Referee:   S.LITUNOV, Judges: A.DOROVSKOY, V.GORCHAKOV, V.DOBRYNIN. Pilipenko KD-1:15 of 1st, 1:15, 2:00 of 2nd round.
08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Pele SADOYAN (GEO/RUS) 67,45kg TKO 2 (1:30) 6R Evgheni ANGHELUTA (MDA/RUS) 69,4kg
Referee:   V.GORCHAKOV, Judges: A.DOROVSKOY, S.LITUNOV, V.DOBRYNIN. Angelutsa KD-2:35, 2:55 of 1st, 1:10, RSC-1:30 of 2nd round.
08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Anis CHILAEV (RUS) 60,05kg TKO 4 (1:05) 4R Abbos MAKHAMMATYULDASHEV (UZB/RUS) 59,35kg
Referee:   S.LITUNOV, Judges: A.DOROVSKOY, V.GORCHAKOV, A.POGORELSKY. KD-2:10of 1st, RSC-1:05 of 4th round.
08.04.2017 Voronezh, RUS Oleg FOMICHEV (RUS) 103,45kg KO 1 (2:40) 4R Khushnud MAMATKULOV (UZB/RUS) 90,5kg
Event: 08.04.2017 M'Saken, TUN
08.04.2017 M'Saken, TUN Moez FHIMA (TUN/FRA) 72,15kg UD 12 UBO Aliklych KANBOLATOV (RUS) 72,25kg
Event: 07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Promoter: LTD"Akademiya Boxing"
07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Alexander FILICHKIN (RUS) 66,9kg UD 8 Kantemir KALAZHOKOV (RUS) 68,0kg
Referee:   M.KULIKOV, Judges: A.KALINKIN  80-73, E.GORSTKOV 79-76, S.LITUNOV 78-74.
07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Nikita MIROSHNICHENKO (RUS) 70,6kg UD 8 Fabian LYIMO (TAN) 68,8kg
Referee:   A.KALINKIN, Judges: E.GORSTKOV 80-72, S.LITUNOV 80-72, M.KULIKOV 80-72.
07.04.2017 Gaybatulla GADZHIALIEV (RUS/USA) 61,1kg UD 6 Lazizbek UZOKOV (UZB/RUS) 61,1kg
Referee:   S.LITUNOV, Judges: A.KALINKIN 60-53, E.GORSTKOV 60-53, M.KULIKOV 60-54. Uzokov KD-0:56 of 6th round.
07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Vladimir MYSHEV (RUS) 61,9kg UD 4 Alexander SALTYKOV (RUS) 61,9kg
Referee:   M.KULIKOV, Judges: A.KALINKIN 40-33, E.GORSTKOV 40-34, S.LITUNOV 40-33. Saltykov KD-0:43 of 2nd, 0:40 of 3rd, 2:31 of 4th round.
07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Firuza SHARIPOVA(KAZ) 61,7kg RTD 1 (0:54) 6R Viktoriya KOTOVA (RUS) 61,5kg
Referee:   A.KALINKIN, Judges: E.GORSTKOV, S.LITUNOV, M.KULIKOV. RTD-0:54 of 1st round.
07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Sergey LAPIN (RUS) 80,1kg UD 4 Artavazd MARGARYAN (ARM/RUS) 82,6kg
Referee:   E.GORSTKOV, Judges: A.KALINKIN 40-34, S.LITUNOV 40-33, M.KULIKOV 40-33. Margaryan KD-1:20,1:55 of 1st, 1:44 of 4th round.
07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Grant MARGARYAN (RUS) 67,0kg UD 4 Ivan IVANOV (RUS) 67,0kg
Referee:   M.KULIKOV, Judges: A.KALINKIN 40-34, E.GORSTKOV 40-34, S.LITUNOV 40-34. Ivanov KD-1:27, 1:45 of 2nd round.
07.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Valery BRUDOV (RUS) 89,9kg TKO 1 (2:13) 6R Alexander TIKHONOV (RUS) 89,0kg
Referee:   S.LITUNOV, Judges: A.KALINKIN, E.GORSTKOV, M.KULIKOV., Tikhonov KD-1:11, 1:59, 2:13, RSC of 1st round.
Event: 05.04.2017 Moscow, RUS "KORSTON" Promoter: Sh.PETROSYAN
05.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Edmond SARGATYAN (ARM/RUS) 72,7kg DR 6 Imam BATSAEV (RUS) 73,8kg
Referee:  A.KALINKIN , Judges: S.LITUNOV 57-57, A.KURNYAVKA 57-57, M.KULIKOV 57-57,
05.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Mikalai VESIALOU (BLR) 73,55kg UD 6 Karen AVETISYAN (RUS) 72,5kg
Referee:  M.KULIKOV , Judges: S.LITUNOV 60-54, A.KURNYAVKA 60-55,A.KALINKIN 60-54 ,
05.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Yusup KEDIEV (RUS/UKR) 81,35kg TKO 5 (1:52) 8R Ruslan SEMENOV (RUS) 78,25kg
Referee:   S.LITUNOV, Judges: A.KALINKIN, A.KURNYAVKA, M.KULIKOV, KD-0:45, RSC-1:52 of 5th round.
05.04.2017 Moscow, RUS Andrey AFONIN (RUS) 103,3kg TKO 2 (2:11) 6R Tornike PURITCHAMIASHVILI (GEO) 127,0kg
Referee:  A.KURNYAVKA , Judges: S.LITUNOV, A.KALINKIN, M.KULIKOV, KD-0:57, RSC-2:11 of 2nd round.