Decision of the PBFR's Board

The PBFR's Board confirms an earlier decision to suspend the licenses of the all PBFR license holders that have organized and participated in bouts which are not sanctioned by the PBFR. Their licenses are suspended.

Data Place Winner Weight Victory Duel Loser Weight
Event: 05.05.2017 Ekaterinburg,RUS Promoter: G.TITOV
05.05.2017 Ekaterinburg,RUS Nazhmudin BAYMURZAEV (RUS) 62,6kg UD 4 Dmitry PRESS (RUS) 63,2kg
Referee: S.STAKHEEV,  Judges: D.BOLDYREV 40-36, I.KILUNIN 40-36, I.TAMADAEV 39-37.
Event: 02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Promoter: G.TITOV
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Muhammadkhuja YAQUBOV (TJK/RUS) 60,75kg RTD 5 (3:00) WBO Youth 8R Feruzbek YULDASHEV (UZB) 60,6kg
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Akzhol SULAYMANBEK UULU (KGZ/RUS) 58,58kg MD 8 WBC Asian Boxing Council Continental Denis LASHIN (RUS) 58,96kg
Supervisor: O.SEMENISHINA., Referee: S.STAKHEEV,  Judges: V.PANIN 76-76,  D.BOLDYREV 78-74, I.MALAZONIYA 79-73.
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Zaur ABDULLAEV (RUS) 62,2kg RTD 4 Sherzodbek MAMAJONOV (UZB) 62,9kg
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Xumoyun RUSTAMOV (UZB) 57,14kg MD 6 Murad ARSLANOV (RUS) 56,82kg
Referee: V.PANIN,  Judges: S.STAKHEEV 59-55, I.KILUNIN 60-54, I.TAMADAEV 57-57.
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Vladyslav BARANOV (UKR) 67,6kg DR 6 Farrukh NURMATOV (TJK/RUS) 66,25kg
Referee: S.STAKHEEV,  Judges: D.BOLDYREV 55-59, I.KILUNIN 58-56, I.MALAZONIYA 57-57.
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Mikhail SMIRNOV (RUS) 68,85kg UD 4 Nazim TOZHIBOEV (RUS) 68,95kg
Referee: I.MALAZONIYA,  Judges: D.BOLDYREV 39-37, I.KILUNIN 39-37, S.STAKHEEV 40-36.
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Ashot PAPYAN (RUS) 70,4kg RTD 2 (3:00) 4R Danil SURIKOV (RUS) 70,8kg
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Magomed KOSUMOV (RUS) 71,9kg DR 4 Aleksandr SHARONOV (RUS) 72,2
Referee: S.STAKHEEV,  Judges: V.PANIN 39-37, I.KILUNIN38-38, I.TAMADAEV 38-38.
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Sergey KOZHUKHAR (RUS) 80,65kg UD 4 Ruslan CHEMURZIEV (KAZ) 80,15kg
Referee: I.MALAZONIYA,  Judges: D.BOLDYREV 40-36, I.KILUNIN 40-36, S.STAKHEEV 39-37.
02.05.2017 Ekaterinburg, RUS Anton DRYUSHIN (RUS) 100,35kg KO 1 (2:37) 4R Igor PILIPENKO (UKR) 94,85kg
Referee: V.PANIN,  Judges: D.BOLDYREV, I.KILUNIN, I.TAMADAEV., Pilipenko- Suspension 8 weeks
Event: 30.04.2017 Sochi, RUS Promoter: "Duran Boxing Promotions"
30.04.2017 Sochi, RUS David AGADZHANYAN (RUS) 58,5kg UD 8 Lorenzo PARRA (VEN/ESP) 60,3kg
Referee: S.MARKINA, Judges: A.SOLOVEV 79-73, Yu.ERDYGIN 78-74, V.KIM 78-74.
30.04.2017 Sochi, RUS Vladimir SARUKHANYAN (ARM/RUS) 64,3kg UD 6 Giorgi ABRAMISHVILI (GEO) 65,7kg
Referee: S.MARKINA, Judges: A.SOLOVEV 60-54, Yu.ERDYGIN 60-54, V.KIM 60-54.
30.04.2017 Sochi, RUS Aleksandr IVANOV (UKR/RUS) 67,0kg TKO 5 (2:45) Ivan SKRIPACHEV (RUS) 66,0kg
Referee: Yu.ERDYGIN, Judges: S.MARKINA, A.SOLOVEV, V.KIM., Skripachev KD-2:23 of 4th, RSC-2:45 of 5th round.
30.04.2017 Sochi, RUS Aram AMIRKHANYAN (RUS) 70,5kg UD 8 Vladimir GALCHENKO (RUS) 70,4kg
Referee:  V.KIM, Judges: S.MARKINA 79-74, Yu.ERDYGIN 78-75,A.SOLOVEV 80-73.Amirkhanyan KD-0:03, Galchenko KD-0:38 of 2nd round.
30.04.2017 Sochi, RUS Arsen AZIEV (RUS) 77,0kg UD 6 Varazdat CHERNIKOV (RUS) 78,4kg
Referee: S.MARKINA, Judges: A.SOLOVEV 60-54, Yu.ERDYGIN 60-54, V.KIM 60-54.
30.04.2017 Sochi, RUS Aleksandr PODOLSKY (RUS) 63,5kg UD 8 Vage KIRAKOSYAN (RUS) 61,3kg
Referee: A.SOLOVEV, Judges: S.MARKINA 80-72, Yu.ERDYGIN 80-71, V.KIM 80-71., Kirakosyan KD-0:57 of 1st round.
Event: 27.04.2017 Perm, RUS Promoter: G.TITOV
27.04.2017 Perm, RUS Royal ARYLZAEV (RUS) 63,65kg UD 4 Tural GARASHOV (AZE/RUS) 63,95kg
Referee:  D.BOLDYREV, Judges: A.PUKHOV 39-37, M.SMIRNOV 40-36, D.GERASIMOV 39-37.
27.04.2017 Perm, RUS Vladimir ANTONYAN (RUS) 76,15kg MD 4 Alexander TSUKANOV (RUS) 78,2kg
Referee:  D.BOLDYREV, Judges: A.PUKHOV 37-37, M.SMIRNOV 38-36, D.GERASIMOV 38-36. Antonyan KD-0:28 of 1st, Tsukanov KD-0:34 of 2nd round.
27.04.2017 Perm, RUS Adalat GAMIDOV (RUS) 67,85kg RTD 1 (2:55) 4R Artur GLOTOV (RUS) 66,15kg