Win: 29
Knockout: 1
Losses: 1
Draws: 0
  • Name: Maxim
  • Familiya: VLASOV
Data Place Winner Weight Victory Duel Loser Weight
29.06.2017 Moscow, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 88,0kg TKO 3 (0:55) 10R Mussa AJIBU (MAW) 87,2kg
10.03.2017 Benidorm, ESP Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 91,2kg KO 2 10R Tamas LODI (HUN) 90,4kg
03.12.2016 Moscow, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 89,35kg TKO 7 (0:17) WBA International Rakhim CHAKHKIEV (RUS) 88,95kg
14.11.2016 Riga, LAT Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 90,4kg TKO 3 (2:12) IBO Inter-Continental 10R Cralos NASCIMENTO (BRA) 89,4kg
02.06.2016 Moscow, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 85,7kg TKO 3 10R Ismayl SILLAH (UKR) 88,4kg
29.04.2016 Moscow, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 89,2kg UD 10 Yury BYKHOVTSOV (BLR/RUS) 88,35kg
21.02.2016 Moscow, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 89,0kg RTD 2 10R PRO-BOX Nurullo MIRZAEV (UZB) 95,5kg
23.12.2015 Moscow,RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 89,1kg TKO 1 (1:38) 10R Ilya ROLGEYZER (RUS) 89,5kg
16.03.12 Krasnodar, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 74,8kg UD 10 Bernard DONFACK (GER) 74,8kg
25.09.11 Krasnodar, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) TKO 2 8R Gasan GASANOV (UKR)
01.07.11 Tolyatti, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 76,5kg UD 8 Gennady MAKSIMOV (RUS) 76,0kg
25.02.11 Tulsa, USA Isaac CHILEMBA (SA) 77,6kg UD 10 Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 77,1kg
18.09.10 Tashkent, UZB Maxim VLASOV (RUS) TKO 7 ABCO Mikhail KRINITSIN (KZ/RUS)
18.06.10 Spokane, USA Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 75,5kg TKO 3 10 R Jerson RAVELO (USA) 76,0kg
27.04.10 St.Petersburg, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 78,4kg TKO 3ret 8R Vasily KONDOR (UKR) 78,3kg
12.02.10 Temecula, USA Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 75,5kg KO 1 8R Julius FOGLE (USA) 76,3kg
28.11.09 Samara, RUS Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 77,7kg TKO 6ret 8R Nodir IKRAMOV (UZB/RUS) 78,1kg
23.10.08 Washington, USA Maxim VLASOV (RUS) 76,2kg MD 8 8R Don MOUTON (USA) 74,5kg
22.08.08 Nashville, US Maxim VLASOV (RUS) TKO4 8R Jonathan REID (US)
16.05.08 Las Vegas, USA Maxim VLASOV (RUS) KO 4 8R Marcus UPSHAW (USA)


The table below lists acronyms in common and current usage
  • UD
    - Unanimous Decision
  • MD
    - Majority Decision (2:1)
  • TD
    - Technical Decision
  • KO 6
    - Knockout in the 6th round
  • DSQ 6
    - Disqualification in the 6th round (stoppage by referee)
  • TKO 6
    - Technical Knockout in the 6th round
  • RTD6
    - Retired (Corner Stoppage Of Any Kind) in the 6th round
  • DR
    - Draw
  • TDR
    - Technical Draw
  • ND
    - No Decision