Win: 14
Knockout: 1
Losses: 11
Draws: 1
  • Name: Alexey
  • Familiya: EVCHENKO
Data Place Winner Weight Victory Duel Loser Weight
17.03.2017 Moscow, RUS Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 66,8kg SD 8 Islam DUMANOV (RUS) 67,3kg
03.11.2016 Chelyabinsk, RUS Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 67,8kg UD 8 Vladimir FLEYSHGAUER (RUS) 68,0kg
11.07.2016 Ekaterinburg, RUS Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 67,5kg UD 8 Viskhan MURZABEKOV (RUS) 68,35kg
09.05.2016 Chelyabinsk, RUS Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 66,1kg UD 10 Vaginak TAMRAZYAN (ARM/RUS) 66,3kg
12.03.2016 Narva, EST Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 68,9kg RTD 6 8R Sergei MELIS (EST) 69,6kg
26.09.2015 Ekaterinburg, RUS Magomed KURBANOV (RUS) 69,9kg UD 6 Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 69,2kg
03.09.2015 Ufa, RUS Ashot PAPYAN (RUS) 69,9kg SD 4 Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 69,8kg
28.05.11 Moscow, RUS Roman SELIVERSTOV (RUS) 66,3kg UD 12 WBO Eu PABA Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 65,9kg
22.07.10 Jurmala, LAT Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) TKO11 WBO Europe, PABA Sherali MAMADALIEV (TJK/RUS)
04.10.09 Belgrade, SRB Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) KO 9 EBU-EE Bogdan MITIC (SRB)
28.03.09 Belgrad, SRB Stafan STEVANOVIC (SRB) 66,2kg SD 10 IBF Youth Aleksey EVCHENKO (RUS) 66,0kg
13.02.09 Lyubertsy, RUS Alexey YEVCHENKO (RUS) 66,7kg TKO 2 ret 6R Khizri KHIZBULAEV (RUS) 67,9kg
14.12.08 Kustanay, KAZ Vladislav SAVCHENKO (KAZ) SD 6 Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS)
25.10.08 Moscow, RUS Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 66,5kg UD 10 RUS Vyacheslav YAKOVENKO (RUS) 65,9kg
07.08.08 Tolyatti, RUS Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 66,2kg TKO3 ret 6R Nikita FEDOROV (RUS) 66,5kg
31.05.08 Kazan, RUS Umar MAKHSUDOV(TJK/RUS) 66,2kg UD4 4R Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 65,75kg
23.08.07 Ekaterinburg, RUS Dmitry GANIEV (RUS) 63,4kg MD 6 Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 63,6 kg
27.02.07 Kiev, UA Sergey FEDCHENKO (UA) UD 8 Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS)
17.02.07 Perm, RUS Maxim SMIRNOV (RUS) 64,7kg UD 8 Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 64,2kg
25.10.06 Moscow, RUS Vadim KHOREV (RUS) 67,0kg UD 6 Alexey EVCHENKO (RUS) 66,1kg


The table below lists acronyms in common and current usage
  • UD
    - Unanimous Decision
  • MD
    - Majority Decision (2:1)
  • TD
    - Technical Decision
  • KO 6
    - Knockout in the 6th round
  • DSQ 6
    - Disqualification in the 6th round (stoppage by referee)
  • TKO 6
    - Technical Knockout in the 6th round
  • RTD6
    - Retired (Corner Stoppage Of Any Kind) in the 6th round
  • DR
    - Draw
  • TDR
    - Technical Draw
  • ND
    - No Decision